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About WiseStore

Convenience - A simple yet powerful word

WiseStore Sdn Bhd was founded in 2017, we strive to bring convenience to our customers by changing and revolutionizing the way grocery shopping is done. 

It is our mission to bring convenience to our customers. This is clearly visible from every aspect of what we do :- from products browsing, orders taking, delivery selection, all through until the product arrives at your front door.
In WiseStore, we try to improve our lifestlye by reducing:
1. getting trapped in traffic congestions; 
2. competing for parking spaces; 
3. hunting for specific items on shelves; 
4. queueing up at the cashier; 
5. delayed at the counter while redeeming rewards;
Ultimately, WASTING precious time and resources while doing all the above.
With WiseStore, you can:
1. save time by NOT doing all the above, in the comfort of your own preferred place; 
2. save money with various rewards and offers by WiseStore; 
3. save petrol, which nowadays has become a luxurious commodity; 
4. do your part for the environment;
Meaning, having control over YOUR time and resources while becoming a wiser consumer.
And, it is our DREAM and DESIRE to transform your grocery shopping to be something 

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